Handmade Baby Wear

Each piece is lovingly made with great attention to detail so that you can give unique gifts to welcome that special baby.

Because your friend’s little one is your (little) friend too.

Each piece is lovingly handmade with great attention to detail, so that you can give unique and memorable gifts to welcome that special baby.

Because your friend’s little one is your (little) friend too!

Chunky Keychains


Need to find those pesky keys in your “Doraemon” bag? Or looking for cute gifts for some young peeps? Take a look at our cute range of cuddly keychains!

Grumpy Whale is a cute squishy blob of a whale with tiny fins and tail, whilst Chub-Bee is literally a chubby bee with tiny wings. Their vibrant colours makes each keychain not just a nice accessory to your bag, but also easier for you to locate your keys… Or whatever it is you attach them to. :P

Adopt a small companion today!

My Little Chou Chou

toy loveys

Did you have a “chou chou” or “bantal busuk” while growing up? If you did, you probably had some fond memories with it.

With My Little Chou Chou, you can gift a little one the same comfort you had with your security pillow. Choose from our range of sleepy animals, made for supporting independent sleepytimes.

A Premium Collection

Introducing our most premium collection, made specially for mommy and daddy’s little princess and prince.

In A Little Atas, discover exclusive series like The Tutu Parlour and The Gentlemen’s League. Here, you will find tiny, elegant outfits for the little humans that are great for parties, playdates, and of course, glamorous photoshoots.

The finer things in life definitely include nice clothes. Are you (or your friend!) perhaps just a little… atas?

My Little Kawan X Artesea

My Little Kawan X Artesea

A Christmas Collaboration

For this coming festive season, we have collaborated with Artesea Fantasy, a local budding clay artist, to bring you special Christmassy giftboxes. There are 7 types of giftboxes to choose from, each containing cute accessories with meaningful messages.

This Christmas, yarn meets clay.

My Little Haiwan

Creature Series

Want something even more unique?

You’ll love My Little Haiwan. Come back every now and then for more new critters!

A Little Gaya

STarter Series

Basic wear does not need to be boring.

Shop handmade unique sets for babies that are both cute and stylish with A Little Gaya.