“Hey, so-and-so is pregnant! What are you going to get her baby?”

“Entahlah…” (Malay for “I don’t know”)

Out of ideas?

We understand that searching for the right baby gift is not easy. You want something that is practical, yet unique enough to show the care and attention you’ve given to choosing the gift. If you are looking for more than just another baby gift set, you’ve come to the right place.

My Little Kawan provides beautiful and traditionally handmade baby wear that would make for unique and memorable gifts. We place a lot of care and attention to detail, from sourcing the best materials to creating as well as curating the nicest design patterns to create stylish pieces that are practical — especially in air-conditioned places!

As each piece is individually handmade, please understand that there will always be a limited amount of ready stock, which we will replenish in due time.

Our brand’s origin

My Little Kawan is a local brand founded by a husband and wife team that is catered for Malaysians.

The name “My Little Kawan” (“Kawan” = Friend) is derived from both the English and Malay language, which lightly represents the cultural mix in Malaysia. The idea behind the name is that your friend’s little one will also be your (little) friend too!

Spread the love

Although these are gift sets, there’s nothing keeping you from purchasing them for your own precious baby. So whether you’re gifting or buying for your very own, we hope you love these gifts as much as we loved making them.

Thank you for supporting our small local business!

With love,

The My Little Kawan team